Inuit are guiding the creation of the WAG Inuit Art Centre. Inuit lead the development of exhibitions and programming that will connect with people’s hearts and minds. Together, we are shaping a meaningful celebration of Inuit voices, art and stories.

The WAG partners with Inuit birthright organizations, governments, associations, arts organizations and individuals across Inuit Nunangat and in urban and Southern communities to ensure the Centre is a place where all Inuit feel welcome, engaged and inspired to share their culture with the world.

Integrating spaces for Inuit Elders to share their stories with the broader community is critical to building bridges of understanding – between cultures, between North and South, and between generations. Inuit partners are developing programs that engage Elders in ways that enrich the WAG Inuit Art Centre experience for everyone.

Natan Obed, President, Inuit Tapirit Kanatami Photo by: Pauline Boldt/ 26 Projects