Studio & Learning Space

Education through the voices of art is a cornerstone of the WAG’s mission. Next to its exhibition areas, most of the Inuit Art Centre’s 40,000 square feet will be dedicated to school and public learning spaces.





Through the creation of the WAG Inuit Art Centre, studio spaces will be relocated to the rooftop level of the existing WAG building. Five indoor studios will include the province’s only state-of-the-art digital media lab and a clay studio, generating exciting new hands-on activities. There will also be two outdoor classrooms where students can carve and work on sculpture projects.

The Education Suite will be a busy, vibrant space with art-making classes and outreach programs for all ages. It will feature innovative virtual and live educational experiences led by guest educators, curators, Elders, storytellers and artists. Artists-in-residence, interns and scholars will have space to teach, study and share their knowledge. In the studios, students will create artworks that connect with their gallery visit, as they integrate their experience as art viewers with their own creativity.


The Knowledge and Sharing Centre on the Inuit Art Centre’s second level will encompass the outdoor Carving Porch, the Learning Common, and the Research Library and Archives.

It will feature virtual and live experiences, research initiatives, outreach programs, archival resources, and unique learning opportunities. The Knowledge and Sharing Centre will be the hub for the WAG’s training, internship and mentorship programs for young people seeking careers in the arts.