The WAG Inuit Art Centre will open its doors in 2020, Manitoba’s 150th birthday. We look forward to celebrating this epic year by sharing Canada’s story of North and South with you, and with record numbers of proud Manitobans, Canadians, and visitors from around the globe.


With your support, the WAG Inuit Art Centre will change the face of art and what an art museum experience means. The Centre will elevate the art from object to experience, complementing, and augmenting the experience that the 106-year-old WAG delivers today.

10 New Experiences for you to Imagine

1. Be immersed in a 360-degree video transporting you to the breathtaking Arctic.
2. Via technology, you will connect and speak to a musher in Rankin Inlet while he harnesses his sled dog team.
3. Hear personal histories directly from Inuit Elders.
4. Take a mind-blowing trip to the North through a virtual-reality headset.
5. Step inside an iglu and go back 1000 years to experience the Arctic as it was then.
6. Sit side-by-side with a master Inuit carver and create from stone in an outdoor studio.
7. Create your own Inuit art exhibition on your phone and take it home to share.
8. Touch Inuit carvings and tools.
9. Descend into a vault and be surrounded by thousands of carvings.
10. Create stop animation or throw clay on a pottery wheel in new state-of-the-art studios.





Your support allows children, teen and adult students to make art as the beautiful natural light of our prairie sky pours in on the penthouse level. The space will be energized as Inuit, First Nations and Métis artists lead them through live and virtual classes.


The Inuit Art Centre is an invitation to you and to all. For the first time ever, the WAG will literally open itself up, welcoming the community through its glass entrance and inside to experience the buzz. You, along with your family and friends can meet up at the main level restaurant, shop at the gallery store, and take in the main-floor exhibits, including the glass vault, all for free.


The Inuit Art Centre will transform the learning experience by inviting local and rural classrooms into the space and connecting them to students, teachers, artists and Elders from across the country. Students from North and South will talk and learn from each other with real time video links. Together, they will discover and explore Inuit culture, art and history.


Youths, classrooms and communities will lead exhibitions and programs, from pop-up exhibits to performances to talks, filling the Centre with excitement through their creativity and engagement.


An all-Inuit team of guest curators will create the inaugural exhibitions of the WAG Inuit Art Centre. It is the first time ever that a curatorial team will represent all four regions of Inuit Nunangat. The team—led by Dr. Heather Igloliorte with emerging curators/artists Asinnajaq, Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter, and Krista Ulujuk Zawadski—is ready to surprise people with the depth and breadth of contemporary Inuit art today, including film and performance.