The Everett Family with Lila Goodspeed is investing in the Inuit Art Centre and they welcome your support. Starting now, and running until September 30, all gifts and pledges made to the community campaign will be matched by the Everetts and Goodspeed up to a total of $100,000.

“We admire how Manitobans live generously through giving their time, donations, good deeds, and actions. Inspired by Stephen Borys, WAG staff, and volunteers, we are passionate about the Inuit Art Centre and put forward this matching challenge to encourage others to join us and make a donation,” state Doug and Lila.

“As a former educator, I think of all the children who will benefit by coming to this amazing destination for school tours or art classes and bring their parents and friends along with them. The unique learning tools and experiences at the Centre will enhance awareness and understanding for Indigenous art and culture in today’s society,” comments Lila.

The Honourable Douglas Everett and his late wife, Patty, started attending art auctions in the 1970s. He still has the first artworks he purchased, sketches by Thomas Gainsborough. Through the art auctions, they gained a valuable art education and their collection grew to include porcelain works, watercolors, and paintings by Canadian and 18th century British masters.

“Art is eclectic. It becomes more layered the more you are exposed to it,” comments the retired Senator, who has
generously donated works from his collection to the WAG for others to enjoy. Lila’s interest in art was ignited through university design and art history classes. After a meaningful career in education, WAG activities captured her attention and her volunteer spirit led her back to the Gallery in 2002 when she served as President of the Associates. Lila co-chaired the WAG 100 Centennial committee in 2012-13 and now serves on the WAG
Foundation and the Inuit Art Centre Campaign Cabinet. She  continues to serve on the executive of the Associates.

Art is a lifelong love for Doug and Lila and their dedication to the WAG makes this donation to the Centre a natural next step.

“Well executed art has incredible feeling and can lure you into new aspects of art and other works. Art can be quite exciting and very nurturing. The Inuit Art Centre will create numerous opportunities for people in our city,” comments Doug.

“Imagining all the Centre will bring to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and to the North is very exciting. The exhibitions and
programming will draw tourists to this world renowned Inuit art collection, and to our Province. We are always proud to bring visitors to the WAG, and we will be even more proud to bring guests to the Inuit Art Centre when it opens,” adds Lila.

To make a donation visit or call 204.789.1297. To learn more about the Centre, visit